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Free Consultation

We will start with a free consultation. During this 20 minute session, we will discuss your needs and desires as well as my methods for success career transition. We will determine if your goals and my methods are a good match for further work together.

Clarity Sessions

Next, we will focus on digging deep. Career Change and/or career success is dependent on being able to answer the question “what do I really want”. In these sessions, you will define your talents and gifts, and learn how to use them to advance your career, change careers or turn your passions into profits.

Career Mapping Sessions

In the Career Mapping sessions, we work together to lay out a personalized map for your career change or career advancement or for turning your  passions into profits. You will leave these sessions with a plan built for success based upon your personal strengths and skill level.

Action Support Sessions

In Action Support sessions we work together as needed to ensure that you are meeting your goals, moving through obstacles and achieving your desires.

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