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February 24, 2020by Rebecca Le Vine0

This is Part II of my blog series: Let’s get you that Dream Career.  In the previous blog, we discussed that you know what you want but are not taking action to get it.  We looked at two blocks that often prevent us from moving forward in this situation.  The first being not knowing where to start.  In Part I, I shared a sure-fire way to get past the ‘not knowing’ and get yourself some action steps.

In Part II, I am going to share tips that deal with the second most common block that prevents us from taking action: Fear.

When fear blocks your Dream Career

I need to ask you a question:  What is in charge of your life right now, in this very moment? Your fear or your confidence? Honestly.  What is running the show?

Not sure? Okay, answer this question.  In general, are you moving toward your goals or away from your goals or are you in a state of stagnation? If you are experiencing the latter two, your fear is in charge.

When my new clients realize their fear has been in charge, many of them dive headfirst into self-recrimination.  But believe me when I say that condemnation is not what this moment is about. When you realize, and are ready to admit, that fear is running the show, this is a moment of personal liberation. You have an important piece of the puzzle.  I say celebrate the awareness.  You now understand the crux of the problem and can take steps to solve it.  So let’s get to the solving.

I never advise clients to focus on expunging their fears for two reasons.  First, that is not realistic, and time spent eradicating fears can be time wasted. While it is possible to completely rid yourself of a fear or two, the most efficacious path is to find your unique mode for managing your fears. We focus on managing the fears so that you are not obedient to them.

Think about why you haven’t moved toward your dream career. Underneath every one of your good reasons for not starting is a fear.  We don’t need to analyze each one and understand its inception.  While that might be a worthwhile exercise, we don’t have time for that.  We need to move now.  Instead, we need to manage our fears so that they don’t rule the roost.  Our higher nature, where our dreams reside, needs to be large and in charge.  How do we do this?

Start here for the Dream Career.

You need to know that fears are lies, false evidence assumed real. Lies told to you, by a part of you, in order to keep you safe.  At one point, the falsehoods served you.  Now, they don’t. You need to confront the lies that you have been telling yourself and start some bold truth telling.

Grab a sheet of paper and start listing all the reasons (lies) that you tell yourself that prevent you from starting on your goals.

For example:

  • I am not smart enough to do this.
  • What I have to offer isn’t needed.
  • I am too old.
  • Who am I to do this?

Go ahead.  Get it all out.  Take your time with this.  Put every ‘reason’ on the paper. Just let it flow.  No judgement, no feelings, just hear that part of you of that is afraid.

Now, go back to each lie and tell yourself the truth.  Trust me.  Under the fear, under the excuses, the truth exists.  The path of least resistance has been to listen to the lies.  Now we need to do a bit of work to let ourselves acknowledge the truth that has been there all along.

For example:

  • I am not smart enough to do this becomes Of course I can do this. I have all the ideas and creativity I need to achieve this goal.
  • What I have to offer isn’t needed becomes What I have to offer is most certainly needed now. The idea/goal came to me specifically because what I have to offer is needed on the planet now.
  • I am too old becomes Age is irrelevant to my heart’s desire.
  • Who am I to do this becomes I have to do this because I am guided to do this.

You get it. You are telling yourself a new truth.  The repetition of this truth will cement it in your consciousness.  After a few repetitions, you should be feeling more ease, more peace, when you think about your goals.

Quick tip for managing fear

Managing fear is a continuous process. I wish we could wave a magic wand and obliterate all our fears forever.  But that simply isn’t possible.  Once you have told yourself the truth, you need to keep reinforcing it. You will need to routinely assess your status quo. Stay observant. Catch yourself if the fears once again begin to control your actions.

Not sure if the lies are controlling your actions? Here’s a quick tip. Return to the question you answered above. Are you getting closer to your goals or further away from your goals? If you are moving away from your goals, the fear is in control.

The next step to take on your Career Journey

Bottom line? Your time on this planet is precious.  The gifts and talents you bring to this planet are precious. Telling yourself the truth and managing your fear will put you on the road to what you want most.  Give yourself the gift of acting on your goals without your fear being in control.  You deserve to have all that you desire.

When you know what you want but don’t know how to get there, you need to start somewhere.  This is where you start.

You can also schedule your Free 20-Minute Consultation with me right now and I’ll show you how to fine tune these initial first steps and prepare you for the ones coming as you set off on your new career journey!

Rebecca Le Vine

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