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April 5, 2019by Rebecca Le Vine0

Nice work. Now that we have all the parts of your design completed, we are going to transform it into a whole. Using these parts, we are going to craft a relationship statement that reflects your personal design for your relationship with work.

Your relationship statement will act as your True North. It will remind you of what you’re creating in the present and where you’re going in the future. When you feel lost or unsure, it will point the way. It will serve as a marker, an ever-present personal declaration of who you are in your relationship with work.

I want you to be aware of the conscious decision you are making by creating your relationship statement. Make no mistake, this is a declaration. A declaration for you, about you – declaring how you will be served by work. From this point on, you have dominion over all aspects of your career. From this point forward, you are empowered to manifest your perfect relationship with work. From this point on, work will serve you.

So let’s get started on the statement. We’re going to craft your relationship statement from the elements you documented in the Design Your Relationship with Work template.

When you write your statement, you want to use positive, declarative statements. Utilizing the word “I” helps because it empowers your statements. You are declaring your truth.

Below is my relationship statement that I created after completing the Design Your Relationship with Work template.


My relationship statement

In my relationship with work, I ensure that it is serving me. I stay in control of its course through the decisions I make. 

My needs for respect, kindness, support, and freedom are met through the work I do, and the way in which I do it.  I focus on work that is challenging and inspiring.  I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to do the work I do. 

Within my relationship with work, I am fulfilled.  Contentment is what I experience at the end of the day. 

I have space in my relationship to express my gifts and talents.  I feel seen and heard.  My reward matches my needs. 

Work serves me as a pathway to share my gift for helping others heal, providing intuitive guidance and clarity as well as the opportunity to share the processes I create.  I help those that are scarred and hurt by work heal and find peace.  Through holding the high watch for my clients, I can help them feel safe as they make life transitions.  I am so grateful that the work I do prospers my clients and myself.


Once you complete your statement, read it out loud with authority and intention. Proclaim it.

How do you feel about your statement? Does it feel complete to you? If so, continue on in the book. If not, keep adding to your statement until it feels complete.

Through this last step, you have taken full ownership of your relationship with work. You have shaped it. You have crafted it. You have planted your flag, telling the universe that this is how your experience of work will be from here on out.

Congratulations. Through Forgiveness, you have stopped the pain from a damaged relationship with work and released the bonds of the past. Through Acceptance, you came to be at peace with your present and opened a pathway to your future. Through Relationship Design, you have set forth the look and feel of your new relationship with work.

Now it’s time to move into your new and healed relationship with work. We have done a lot of work to get to this point. We have healed a great deal to get here. And we need to keep moving forward.

How do you do this? Here are the steps I suggest:

  • Take each statement in your Relationship Statement and ask yourself, “Do I have this in my life today?” For example, using the sample Relationship Statement, I would ask myself, “Am I providing intuitive guidance and clarity to clients”?
  • If you answer Yes to a statement, move on to the next statement and repeat the process.
  • If you answered No, do the following:
    • Ask yourself: “Why don’t I have this in my life today?”
    • Ask yourself: “What are the contributing factors that are preventing me from experiencing this now?”
    • Ask yourself: “What can I do to change this?”
    • Based on your answers, create a list of next steps. In other words, based on your answers to ‘what is holding you back’, the reasons why you don’t have this in your life right now, your list should include ways to address these situations.
  • Use your list of next steps as your Action plan. Work through each step until you’ve achieved it. Include due dates to hold yourself accountable.
  • Work with a career coach to have support and guidance as you move through your action plan.


By the simple act of picking up this book, you told the world and yourself you were ready for something different. You were ready for something more. You were ready for something greater. You were ready to have your dreams.

You were ready to be free from the pain work causes. You were ready to be free of the Culprits that were holding you back professionally. You were ready to experience something new, something better than you had experienced before. And even though you may have never experienced it before, you inherently knew you deserved to have Work work for you.

And look at where you are now. You’ve gone through the darkness and come out into the light. You started at page 1 not understanding why work felt so awful and now, not only do you understand why it felt so awful, you’ve moved through the pain and into the light of a healed relationship with work.

Now, you know who you are in your relationship with work. You know how it must serve you. Now you are the gatekeeper of your healthy relationship with work. You have the power. No one else, just you. And this is an awesome responsibility.

You must continue to shape and hone and most importantly to protect your healthy relationship with work. It is fully yours now.

If you have work to do to turn your Relationship Statement into reality, do it. Don’t delay. Make use of your precious time on this planet. Give your gifts and talents. Share them with joy and be rewarded. Lastly, let your voice be heard. If you see others suffering from a bad relationship with work, let them know there is an alternative. Together, let’s end the suffering an unhealthy relationship with work can bring.

In this book’s epigraph, I shared with you one of my favorite Mary Oliver quotes. She wrote, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

This is now your one wild and precious relationship with work.

Own it. Love it. Cherish it. Give all that you have to it and receive all that it can give you.

Peace and blessings,


Rebecca Le Vine

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