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April 5, 2019by Rebecca Le Vine0

We have had our ups and downs over the years. At times in our relationship we were good for, and to, one another. Yet we have also disappointed each other and let each other down.

Often, I have felt the thrill of a job well done, the excitement of a challenge well met, and the joy and peace that stem from the fulfillment you gave me.

But, oh, how you have hurt me over the years. You have left me feeling alone and trapped. Not understanding what this thing called work is all about. Work, you were supposed to make me feel good. You were supposed to be what I wanted you to be. You were supposed to lift me up spiritually and financially. Were these expectations too great? Now, I dread you. And worst of all, you have left me feeling powerless in this relationship.

For so many years, for the majority of our time spent together, I have felt oppressed by you, bored by you, used by you and not heard by you. And as a result, I have felt resentful and angry towards you.

Do you know me?

Do I know you?

Do you have space and grace to allow me to fully express my talents, my gifts, to fully give voice to all that I can do?

I cannot continue down the path we are going. I want, no, I need more. And I know I can have it. Our relationship must change.

I deserve to have success, fulfillment, and financial rewards from all that I give to you. You deserve to have my full engagement in all that I do and for me to be fully present for you.

Let’s work on healing and changing so we both can give and take from this relationship all that we deserve.


The True Nature of Work™

Work: We love it. We hate it. We resent it. We need it. Has there ever been a more conflicted relationship?

Why can’t we be at peace with work?

It is time for us to look at the relationship we have with work just like we look at any other kind of relationship, whether it is a familial relationship, romantic relationship, professional relationship, or friendship. Work is no different.

We have a relationship with it.

If you are not experiencing joy and fulfillment from your work, if your work is not providing you the lifestyle you desire, then your relationship with work needs some healing.

Each of us have the right to experience The True Nature of Work. When we are experiencing this true nature, we will find:

  • Work is our avenue to a deep, abiding, intimate fulfillment.
  • Work is a gateway to creating a deep connection with our truth, purpose, and authentic self.
  • Work is a catalyst for a richer spiritual connection.
  • Work serves us by meeting our needs and desires.
  • Work, if you allow it, will let you find, touch, and know the profound nature of yourself.

Work should be all of the above. It should be beauty and fun and challenge and sweat and tears and glory and reward all rolled up into one incredible package.

Is this your relationship with work? Probably not.

As a member of the Staffing/HR industry for over twenty years, I can tell you most of us don’t have this experience with work. Most of us don’t experience the revelatory and healing nature of work.

Yet this is what we need and what we deserve. This book will take you on a journey from the darkness of a damaged relationship with work to the light of a rewarding and a healthy one.

You deserve the best. Let’s go get it.

Rebecca Le Vine

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