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April 5, 2019by Rebecca Le Vine0

No doubt as you contemplate the others/situations/circumstances that have contributed to your damaged relationship with work, you might be faced with the need to forgive those currently around you. You might wonder, “How do I forgive my boss when I have to see them every day?” Or “How do I forgive my employer for not promoting me when I have to work in the same situation every day?” Or “How do I forgive the fact I was laid off six months ago, and I am still unemployed?”

These are all valid questions.

So how do you forgive the painful aspects of your relationship with work that may be currently happening? We do that by putting our goal for the act of Forgiveness front and center. We are forgiving others/circumstances/situations to make it stop hurting. Yes, you might have to go into work tomorrow and see that same coworker or that manager who has harmed you. But when you know in your heart you are taking action to improve your relationship with work and thereby improve your own life, it makes the situation easier to handle. You know in your heart you have done what you needed to do for yourself. Not for another but for yourself. You have taken care of yourself. Forgiveness is an act we do for ourselves.

While we might have a clear intellectual understanding of this concept, I know it can be hard to actualize. It can be difficult to forgive that which is currently happening. For my clients who struggle with this very situation, I give them three “gut check” questions to answer. If you find yourself experiencing this struggle, take a minute and go through the ‘gut check’ questions below:

  1. By withholding forgiveness, you will continue to feel the hurt/pain that has been caused by others/circumstances/situations. Are you ready to have peace rather than pain?

oYes o No

  1. By withholding forgiveness, you will remain trapped by the situation/person/feeling. Are you ready to be free of the situation/person/feeling?

oYes o No

  1. Are you ready to move forward, to move beyond the pain that you are experiencing?

oYes o No

If you answered no to any of these questions, remind yourself that forgiveness does not imply that you condone another’s actions toward you or approve of the situation you find yourself in. Forgiveness is an act you consciously engage in to free yourself from the past, to free yourself from negative emotions that do not serve you, to make it stop hurting. Forgiveness is what you do for yourself to release yourself from the prison of the past and the present. Forgiveness is what you do for yourself so you can have the future you desire.

Rebecca Le Vine

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