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October 27, 2018by Rebecca Le Vine0


Through Acceptance, we will move beyond any situation/circumstance/person that has damaged our relationship with work in order to release ourselves from the prison of the past and accept our current circumstances as is.

Unresolved pain, unresolved experiences can result in keeping us stuck in a particular moment. This ‘stuckness’ makes it really hard to move past them. This is very similar to what we discussed earlier, which was the fact that we had to be able to identify something in order to change it. In order to move beyond something we have to develop a level of peace with it. Acceptance is the way in which we develop a level of peace with what has happened to us. It is also the manner in which we change the way we see ourselves relative to our experiences.

Without acceptance, we become bound to our history. It becomes the lens through which we see our lives. It colors our present and dulls our future. For example, if you have experienced several layoffs, you might begin to think “well this is just how my life goes. I always get laid off.” Acceptance allows us to change this lens. It allows us to move beyond what has gone before and create the present state we want as well as that future state we dream of.

Additionally, this step allows us to be comfortable with a “present” that we might not be pleased about. I know it sounds like a tall order, and in truth, Acceptance can be a bear. But it’s necessary and fundamental in order to be free of the past that has hurt us or is hurting us. Acceptance is a foundational step to healing your relationship with work.

In this step of the process, you will be asked to accept “What Is.” “What Is” is your current situation today. For example, your current situation today might be the condition of your relationship with work or an unhappy work situation or the nasty coworker or the jealous manager.

Again, you cannot change what you have not accepted. You cannot create lasting change with that which you are not at peace with. This explains why so many people fail when it comes to creating lasting change. They skip this step — but you are stronger, and from acceptance sprouts change, and from change blooms new beginnings.

Rebecca Le Vine

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