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October 11, 2018by Rebecca Le Vine0

Designing Your Relationship with Work

Up to this point in your relationship with work, others/circumstances have the designed the relationship for you. You haven’t had a voice in how it looks and how it feels. You haven’t had the power in your relationship with work. It is time for this dynamic to change.

So now you are going to design your perfect relationship with work.

Here is your opportunity to declare what you want from your relationship with work, to proclaim how work should serve you, and ensure that in your healed relationship with work, all of your needs are being met. This is your chance to shape your relationship with work. In this step, you’re the sculptor, the architect, the designer. You are going to make Work work for you.

Think of it this way. A relationship with work is just like having a romantic relationship, a familial relationship, a friendship. We all have expectations, wants, needs, and desires for each of these relationships. If you have read any self-help books on how to have a healthy romantic relationship or a healthy relationship with your family, the main piece of advice given is to be clear about what you need from the relationship. It is often suggested that you write down your needs. Why is designing your relationship with work so important? There are 2 reasons I want to share with you.

Reason 1: The act of defining how your relationship with work will look is incredibly empowering. How long have you been living by and conforming to the definitions and parameters set by others? It is time to live according to your personal design. This is your declaration of wants, needs, and desires. Your design is by you, about you and for you. Through this step, you will claim it. And, you will empower yourself to have it.

Reason 2: By designing your relationship with work, by identifying what you want and need in this relationship, you are more likely to manifest it. Once you have your design, it is less likely that you will ever accept “less than.” Once you declare, “I need to be rewarded in a manner that suits me” or “I need to work for a company that practices fair and equitable treatment,” it becomes harder and more uncomfortable to settle for less than what you want. It’s easy to accept “less than” when you don’t have a clear definition of what it is you want. However, once you set out your needs, your expectations and your boundaries, this becomes your territory. Your domain. In this step, we will state exactly what we want and need. We will give voice to the needs that have gone unmet. Then, the next time an employment opportunity comes your way, you can determine if it fits your design. If it doesn’t, we can pass on it and move to the next opportunity, thereby, keeping our relationship with work healthy and avoiding situations that we know cannot meet our needs.

So let’s take advantage of the time we have now to home in on our desires and design our relationship with work. In this step we will identify:

  • What we need from our relationship with work
  • What it will take to move our relationship from lack to plenty
  • How our alignment should look

Before we jump in, let’s take a minute and refresh our memory regarding the True Nature of Work one more time. The True Nature of Work promises:

  • A deep, abiding, intimate fulfillment.
  • A gateway to a deep connection with your truth, purpose and authentic self.
  • A catalyst for a richer spiritual connection and the ability to know the profound nature of yourself.

It is your birthright to receive all of this from your relationship with work.

Rebecca Le Vine

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